How to update your teams using a spreadsheet

Maintaining your members' information up to date may be one of the most demanding part of being an administrator. The CPDone platform gives you the option to to do this in batch using a tool a lot of us is very familiar with.


Updating your teams using a spreadsheet can be done by following these easy steps:


  1. Access your members list by going to Team -> Users.
  2. Choose members you wish to make changes. You may filter using state, industry association, groups etc...
  3. Select members through the "Select" box, you may also choose all members by choosing the topmost "Select" button as shown below. 
  4. Click on "Download Spreadsheet" action button to generate file. Follow instructions and save after making desired modifications using MS Excel.


After changes were made, updated information can then be loaded back to the platform through these steps:

  1. Access your members list by going to Team -> Users.
  2. Click on the "Import Spreadsheet" button.
  3. Select the updated spreadsheet for upload.
  4. Complete the process by acknowledging.

This is one of the features CPDone offers


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