How to create a Roll Call from a spreadsheet

You can add a training day (i.e. External CPD activity) for multiple staff members at once, using the Roll Call feature.

This is a two-step process, and requires Microsoft Excel to edit your Roll Call data. In this way, you can take the spreadsheet with you on your laptop to a training day, and mark attendance on the day.


First, create your Roll Call spreadsheet:

  1. Go to Learn -> External CPD.

  2. Click the blue "Create Roll Call" action link at the top right of the main panel.

  3. Select all relevant users via the checkboxes in the leftmost column of the user grid shown. You can filter by groups, then simply "Select All" as required to speed up this process.

  4. Fill in all the fields in the General Details section, such as Content Type (you'll probably want to choose "Course"), Title and Date. Provider Code can simply be "n/a" or "internal".

  5. Add at least one Content Style. You need one Content Style per Industry Membership that you want this activity to be tracked against. Don't worry if not all of the selected staff have every membership — the system will automatically handle each user's case appropriately to the memberships they actually hold. For instance, if you select an activity type for FBAA and MFAA memberships, but a given user has only MFAA, then the activity will only register against their MFAA membership. A second user, who has both memberships will have the activity recorded against each of them.

  6. Click the blue "Download Spreadsheet" link at the top right of the main panel.

  7. When you are ready to take attendance, open the spreadsheet in Excel, and select the second worksheet, "Data". Simply enter "Yes" or "No" for each user, and save the spreadsheet.


Next, import the completed Roll Call spreadsheet:

  1. Go to Learn -> External CPD.

  2. Click the blue "Import Roll Call" action link at the top right of the main panel.

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