Help me understand the dates in My Progress report?

Each membership you track in CPDone must have an annual renewal date set.

In addition to providing you with timely reminders to renew your memberships, this allows us to organise your CPD into the activities you undertook for each year of your membership. 

In other words, if your membership year starts on 10th April, it finishes on 9th April the next year, and your My Progress report will show activities between those two dates, starting with the current membership year.

Some people have asked us why we don't report in terms of financial years, or just plain old calendar years. If this is what you need for your membership reporting, you can simply set that membership's start date to the beginning date of whatever period you desire — i.e. 1st January or 1st July. 

Sometimes we're also asked why External CPD isn't showing up on the main My Progress report screen. The usual reason is that the "missing" External CPD was entered against a date in a year previous to your current membership period. For more info, see: Where did last year's CPD activities go?



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