How to monitor completion deadlines

The first thing to remember is that each user in CPDone has their own set of memberships, each with its own annual renewal date. Unless you have harmonised these renewal dates across all your users, that means that on any given day, your team will be in various stages of completeness for their individual annual requirements. 

With that in mind, you can see where every person in your team is up to with their own completion deadlines, via the Reports -> Course Completion screen. Any team members who have reached 100% of their requirements ahead of time will show with a green "Complete" flag in the "Completed" column of the grid.

Filtering this report

By Membership

If you only want to report on staff with a specific membership (e.g. MFAA), simply enter the membership name into the filter box for the Industry Association column, then click the blue Filter link in the rightmost column at the top of the grid.

By Group

If you are only interested in the completion status for a particular group, or groups within your business, click on each group's name in the left hand side of the "Groups" panel, such that they appear in the right hand side panel. Once you have selected all of the groups you want, click the blue Filter button to the right of Groups.

Exporting data to Excel or CSV

As with any grid view in CPDone, you can export the data shown to Excel or CSV format by simply clicking the blue "Export to Excel" or "Export to CSV" action links shown at the top of the grid. The exported data will be exactly what is shown in the grid — i.e. inclusive of any filters you have applied.


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