Tracking all of your memberships with CPDone

Did you know that you can track CPD for all of your memberships in CPDone?  

All you need to do is add each membership to your account. Then, as you complete online learning activities, or even record your external CPD activities, your My Progress report will automatically update to show how many hours you've accrued for the year, against each membership.

It's easy to add your membership(s), just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click this link to Memberships

  2. Click Add A Membership action link

  3. The available industry in your country will be the default setting but you may add industries if you wish.

  4. Choose the appropriate membership.

  5. Select your Industry Association, and enter your Membership Number and Anniversary Date.
    • It's important to select the correct anniversary date, as this directly affects your CPD reporting!
    • If you don't know your membership number, just enter "n/a", and come back later when you've found it.

  6. Provide how and when you wish to be reminded as your membership anniversary comes near.

  7. Click Create Membership to save. Simply repeat if you need to add more.


That's it! 

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