How can I gain CPD points online?

CPDone lets you record all of your CPD activities in the one system, and even better, you can work through your CPD learning requirements online, as a CPDone subscriber!

To check out all the great content we have available, sign up for a free trial, log in, then head over to Learn -> Content. Your free trial will allow you to choose one item from the catalogue to see if you like our content, then upgrade to a full subscription should you wish to gain more points online!

We update our content frequently, so there is always something new for you to learn. It works on mobile phones, iPads, and of course regular laptop computers... which means you can start gaining CPD points wherever, whenever you like. Many of our subscribers like to stream audio podcasts over a 3G or LTE connection on their daily commute in the car. Make the most of your time, and chip away at your annual membership requirements without really trying!

Of course,  you can always record activities such as training days and other offline CPD activities in CPDone as well... so at the end of the year, your full activity report is ready to print


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