How do I complete a content?


Different types of content are available in the CPDone platform. These content will be vital in your learning as well as completion of professional compliance requirements. All you need to do is complete them, here’s how.


  1. Articles - an article is a basic and reliable type of content. Simply ‘Attempt’ the article content to load. Once it’s up, browse through it at your pace. Completion can be done by confirming that you have read the content in full, through marking the check box.

    After completing, a message will indicate that the action has been successful.

  2. Videos - videos are very engaging and provide more visuals to members. It’s one of the more preferred methods. Click on ‘Attempt’ to launch the video. Once it’s up, press the play button to proceed and watch the video. The completion message will automatically appear once the entire video is done. Exiting it before the end will fail to register completion. Here's a clip of what happens as the video completes.

  3. Audio Podcasts - while on the go, one can complete compliance requirements by playing audio content and listening to it while on the go. Similar to video contents, this gets completed automatically once the entire media is played.

  4. E Courses - e-courses are the most elaborate type of content. This involves constant interaction between the member and the system. A complete, exit, or submit button can usually be found at the end of the each course to start process of completion.


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